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Most Clip Gallery problems, when downloading from the web site, can be solved by doing a disk cleanup.

This is how to empty your Internet Temporary files:

In the Internet Explorer, click tools, click Internet Options, on the general tab click "delete files". Before you delete the temp files you may want to see how large your cache has become. Click "settings", click "view files". Prepare yourself for a surprise.

A disk clean-up can be performed in the following manner:
Double-click "my computer", right-click "the hard-drive icon (usually "c")", click "disk clean-up". A dialogue box will come up with options to check off, it make a few minutes to populate. Keep your Office setup files.
  Microsoft has support documents to aid you in rectifying any problems you may have.

This site has all the troubleshooting support documents for the Clip Gallery

The Clip Gallery has its own Help files.

If you follow the troubleshooting steps outlined, it should solve most problems.



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